Service Diversity

Food Processing Employee

Our strategically located production facilities are designed to enable more efficient customer service and value-added products from Donald’s Fine Foods. Equipped with the latest state of the art technologies, these facilities produce a variety of primal cuts for retail and food service needs.

Donald’s Fine Foods also produce number of case ready products, from fresh sausage to ground beef to pork products, as well as lamb, goat, beef, and organic beef offerings. We also provide fresh and frozen products under our own brands that are distributed worldwide.

These fine products are produced under strict Quality Assurance protocols that emphasize “Fresh, Clean, and Cold” throughout the production process. And to ensure that these quality attributes are retained during distribution and sale we have a range of packaging options, including a Modified Atmosphere system, vacuum packaging, and conventional over-wrapping. The end result is a great product line that delivers on our promise of a comprehensive commitment to quality and food safety.