After months of lockdown and a phased in reopening of the economy to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, we are now transitioning to a new normal and reality for the foreseeable future. Read more about our COVID-19 protocols.

Our Brands

Premium Meat Products from our family to yours

All of our pork products are Verified Canadian Pork grown on Canadian Family Farms. Absolutely none of our farmers use the common feed additive Ractopamine.

  • Primrose Farms
  • Savoury Choice
  • Savoury Choice
  • Paradise Valley
  • Sakura Farms
We go above and beyond industry standard to provide the best quality of meats from our family to yours.
Pork Rib
Primose Farms

Primrose Farms

Primrose Pork is pre-selected and carefully trimmed to ensure an enjoyable eating experience every time, whether it’s on the grill or from your oven you can count on Primrose Pork for great tenderness and flavour.

Savoury Choice

Savoury Choice

From Sausages to shabu shabu the Savoury Choice line has been designed to give to home cook innovative quality meat products that are fresh, expertly seasoned and ready to cook.

Pork Meat
Pork Chop
Savoury Choice Pure

Britco Pork

Our niche in this competitive business is in providing service levels and product attributes that are beyond the scope of our major competitors. The key partnerships with our hog producers allow us to manage the whole value chain and provide products to retail supermarkets and food service with extended shelf life while meeting the highest food safety standard and quality.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Free Range Pork

The Sunderland Family has spent many years perfecting their system for raising free range hogs.

They believe that their system is not only good for the hogs; it also produces the best tasting pork.

We couldn’t agree more!

Pork Chop
Pork Chop
Sakura Farms

Sakura Farms Premium Pork

At Sakura Farms our accredited pork producers take great pride in raising their pigs with minimal use of antibiotics. In fact as per CFIA’s standards, there are no regulatory antibiotic residues found in any of our premium pork products.